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We have provided you with an enlarged image of the famous 50 Pesos gold coin. This coin is made from .900 gold fineness weighing 41.6666 grams. Fine gold content is 37.50 grams or 1.2057 troy oz.

Sell Mexican Gold Coins – The Mexican Gold Peso bullion coins are some of the most beautiful gold coins in the world. While gold prices fluctuate, the popularity of the Mexican Gold Peso bullion coins only increases due to the gold coin’s outstanding gold bullion value. The Mexican Gold Peso appeals to investors and collectors alike for its high gold bullion content. Minted in Mexico City, the Mexican Gold Peso coins contain 90% pure gold and 10% copper. The addition of copper during the minting process gives the Gold Peso coins a hardness that gold alone cannot provide. With the presence of copper, the Gold Peso coins were able to withstand the wear of circulation.

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